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RLA 3-4 Boys April 7th Update - Lets GOOOOOO!
by posted 04/07/2021

Hello Raven Families,

I hope the boys are enjoying the season so far.  It has been great to get the boys out on the field and see them enjoying the sport.

Saturday is our first game!  We will largely be treating this as a practice game.  We may have coaches on the field for part or all of the game. 

On game days please plan to have the boys dressed and ready to take the field 30 mins before the game.  This means the player is fully dressed, mouthpiece in and stick in hand.  Before the game the coaches are working on putting together the lines and working out rotations, if your player isn’t ready then he will not get assigned and will have to be worked into the game.  This year’s squad is much smaller then normal so this won’t be as impactful but moving forward as RLA numbers get back to normal it will be very important.  Being on time and ready is a good habit to get the kids into.

If you don’t have a uniform yet then have the boys wear a practice pinnie and black or white shorts if possible.  I loaned out several pinnies this week to players that didn’t have one.  If your son received a pinnie please use it as long as you need it, I would like the pinnies back when you are finished with them or at the end of the year.  When dressing for games we normally wear black for home and white on the road – simple rule is “When in doubt, black side out”.

After the game we will have a 15 min mandatory parents meeting.  During this meeting we will review plans for the RLA Shootout.  The Shootout is the only fundraiser we have in RLA and it is vital to the success of our program.  This year’s Shootout will be smaller then normal but it is even more important to us.  After the game the coaches will keep the kids on the field for a few activities while we meet.  Please gather socially distanced behind the team bench after the game.


Never Quit, Never Stop…………GO RAVENS!!!!!!

Coach Larry

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April 1st Update - Practice is Canceled
by posted 04/01/2021

Hello Ravens Families,

I have visited the fields and there is standing water that will not drain in time for practice.  Additionally, the wind is scheduled to pick up and make for a less then productive practice.  I have canceled practice for tonight.

I have added an additional practice for Saturday morning as a make-up.  Please have the boys working on their homework and stick tricks.

If possible, I will also try to have a coach’s wall session tomorrow night.  Coach’s wall is totally voluntary.  I will be at the wall with a bucket of balls to work with anyone who shows up.  I will send out a Team Snap by 2pm tomorrow to let you know if I will be available.


Never Quit, Never Stop……GO RAVENS!!!!!!


Coach Larry


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