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2020 Shootout Thank You!
by posted 05/17/2020

For the first time since its inception we did not hold our Shootout Tournament yesterday due to the quarantine.

That's OK... we're all going to make next year's Shootout the best one ever!


Even through we didn't have the Shootout yesterday, big thank yous are still in order:

* To our Shootout Coordinator Larry Peabody (and Shootout FIrst Lady Melissa) who already did a lot of working for this year's Shootout and set up a playbook to ensure many successful Shootouts to come!  

* To Michelle Bertone who will be taking over as Shootout Coordinator in 2021

* To Chet Embley who is not only the Boys Vice President, but also lined the fields and would have had the fields set to go for this year's Shootout with the help of Ron Shreier and Neil Brown (Thanks guys!)

* To Brian and Janet Huff who would have again went out of their way to help make the day and the food a huge success despite Luke being off in college!

* To our RLA Board who would have helped with the planning aspect to ensure the Shootout and the season were a success as they always do: Chet Embley, Bill Gonser, Michael Langford, Matt Regulski, Sherrie Johnson, Susan Scibilia, Larry Peabody, Alisa McCabe, Scottie Reeves, and Jill Balling.

* To our vendors who would have made the day complete.

* And especially to all of you who always rise to the occassion to make the Shootout the best day of the lacrosse year.


Let's enjoy the great memories of Shootouts past and think how much fun we're going to have next year!

Go through your old photos and videos and post your favorite Shootout memories from years past on social media and tag RLA @robbinsvillelax on Facebook or #robbinsvillelacrosse on Instagram.

We can't wait to see you all!


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RLA Spring 2020 Season Officially Cancelled
by posted 05/06/2020

RLA Season Officially Cancelled

With a heavy heart I must announce that our Spring 2020 Season is officially cancelled. 

Given the continued quarantine measures in place, we are unable to return to the fields.

While I am incredibly sad that we were unable to watch and cheer our Ravens this Spring, I find joy in the memories of the fantastic times we have had in the past, and with the thoughts of how great it will be once we are all on the fields together again.

To our 8th Graders:

While you were not able to put the proper exclamation mark on your stellar RLA careers, you leave this program as one of the best groups of boys and girls to come through our program both in the perspective of lacrosse skill, ability, and perseverance.  You will be missed, but you will always have a home here.  We look forward to you coming back and cheering on our RLA Ravens and/or coming back to help instruct and coach and ‘pay it forward.’ 

You are all going to do amazing things on and off the field.  We can’t wait to see you all at the next level(s).  Whether we are on the sidelines or reading about your accomplishments online, you will have the entire RLA Ravens family cheering you on from here on out.

When the time comes that it is safe to take the field again, we will let you all know and will look to get the boys and girls out on the fields in some way, shape, or form to at least steal back some lost time with our sticks and each other.

If you have not done so already, please click the link below to indicate if you wish to carry over your registration fees to the 2021 season, or if you wish to receive a refund:



In closing, in the news lately there’s been talk of something called a “Murder Hornet” that is striking fear into people. 

That is going to pale in comparison to the fear the “Quarantined Ravens” will strike into their opponents once they finally get back on the field.

We are so proud of the strength you all continue to display during this pandemic.  We wish you all the best of luck with the rest of the school year.

Never quit… never stop… LET’S GO RAVENS!

Please be safe everyone!

Matthew Coyle


Robbinsville Lacrosse Association

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