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Scroll down to find the camp, clinic, or season you wish to register for and click the appropriate box to begin the registration process.  You will need to complete the process multiple times for additional children. 


Scroll down to the RLA Head and Assistant Coaching Registration and click the appropriate box to begin the registration process. This process must be completed by all those who wish to coach for the RLA.

Coaches will be required to pay for their US Lacrosse Registration at the time of registration, but will be reimbursed by the RLA. Thank you for helping and guiding our players!

All coaches are required to successfully complete the background check process as established by the Township of Robbinsville. Coaches who have registered will be contacted in regards to follow up steps in the process.  Costs associated for fingerprinting are not covered by the RLA.

Thank you and GO RAVENS!


2021 RLA Head and Assistant Coaches

All Head and  Assistant Coaches that actively instruct at practices and games must complete:

All Head and Assistant Coaches wishing to coach for the season are responsible for successfully completing this online registration process.

During this registration process, those registering will be able to check if their US Lacrosse Registration is valid through the end of the upcoming season.  If this is not the case, they will be taken to the US Lacrosse site where they must register as a 'coach' for youth.  If in need of a US Lacrosse registration, COACHES MUST FIRST PAY FOR THEIR US LACROSSE REGISTRATION, BUT WILL BE REIMBURSED BY THE RLA.  

Every three (3) years, all active Head and Assistant Coaches must undergo and pass a background check from The Township of Robbinsville.  

RLA will reimburse for background checks upon proof of payment and confirmation of coach passing background check.  

BACKGROUND CHECK FORMS may be downloaded from the DOCUMENTS section (R'Ville Fingerprint Procedures and R'Ville Fingerprint Forms).  

Upon completion of your fingerprinting, the township will commence their background check and will advise if you are approved to coach.

Once an applicant successfully passes the background check, their background check is valid for (3) three years.   
IMPORTANT - Things to know when completing Registration Process
1) If you believe you have a valid US Lacrosse membership number, during the process you will be asked for your number (or the registration system can look it up for you).  If you hit the "Lookup" button and nothing appears, it means your number is no longer valid.

At that time, the registration process will automatically take you to the US Lacrosse web site to join or renew. Once done and you come back to pick up where you left off, your US Lacrose registration n# will be filled in for you.

2) Before you pay at US Lacrosse (which we will reimburse you for), you will be asked if you also want to pay for a background check - DO NOT ACCEPT THIS - THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN THE ROBBINSVILLE BACKGROUND CHECK AND IS NOT NECESSARY

Opened: 11/01/2020
Closes: 07/02/2021

Open to: Men & Women