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REMINDER - Mini Laxer Practice TOMORROW Sat 5/8 @11:30am
by posted 05/07/2021


Our Practice THIS WEEK has been moved to tomorrow, Saturday 5/7/21 from11:30am to 12:15pm, same location - Blakely Park Field #2.


* Simon Says

* Bounce off the wall

* Musical Chairs 

* Mini Lax No Sticks

* Mini Lax with sticks

* Sharks and Minnows

Thank you all!

Never quit, never stop...


Coach Coyle

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RLA Mini Laxers Practice this weekend moved to SATURDAY @ 11:30a
by posted 05/03/2021

RLA Mini Laxer Families,

Our Practice for this weekend has been MOVED to Saturday at 11:30am so that we can let our RLA Mother's fully enjoy and celebrate Mother's Day.

We'll meet at the same location and have a great practice.  Feel free to hang around after practice to see the bigger Ravens play games afterwards!

Thank you all!

Happy Mother's Day Moms!

Coach Matt

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RLA Mini Laxers Practice Plan #5
by posted 05/02/2021

RLA MINI LAXERS Practice Plan #5

Good morning Mini Laxers! 

Here's our practice plan for today!






Never quit, never stop... LET'S GO RAVENS!

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Mini Laxer Practice #1 Plan
by posted 04/10/2021





Coach to bring: Warp Mini Sticks to hand out and Mini Laxer T-Shirts.  Bucket of TENNIS BALLS.

·         9:00 – Introduction and Stick/Shirt Handout

·         9:05 – Parent Catching

o   Parent/ ADULT Partner paired up. 

o   Toss ball to the “Box”area near their ear, roll ball back to the adult

·         9:10 – Parent Scooping

o   Parent/ ADULT Partner paired up. 

o   Adult gently rolls ball towards child, encourage child to drag BOTH knuckles along the grass.  Child Rolls ball back to adult with their stick.

·         9:15- Dynamic Warmup

o   Hop on two feet

o   Hop on one foot

o   Carioca

o   Skips

o   Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes

·         9:20 – No Stick Scooping

o   Coach scatters balls all around the field.  Players line up without sticks on the sideline and on the whistle, the players run to a ball, pick it up while moving, run to any goal on the field and throw it in.  Repeat until all balls are cleared from field

§  Focus on bending at knees while moving to pick up stationary object.  USE BOTH HANDS!

·         9:25- Laxmazing Race (Cones to mark obstacle course and have a goal at the end)

o   Coach sets up a maze/obstacle course using cones, noodles, hula hoops, etc…then leads the players through the maze. 1x without a stick and ball and 1x with a stick and ball. End with a “shot” on goal.

·         9:30 – Messy Backyard (3-4 balls per child, cones to mark center spot, 2 goals)

o   Players are divided up into two teams, with each team being placed on one half of the field.  The coach scatters an equal number of balls around each side of the field. On the whistle, the players are to scoop balls from their side of the field, run up to the center spot and roll them onto the other team’s side. After 90 sec. stop the game, have the kids round up and count all the balls on their half of the field.

o   Play this game 2x

·        9:35 – Scarecrow Throwing (3-4 balls per child, 2 goals or other targets to throw to).

o   Players are lined up along a line on the field, shoulder to shoulder with space between them to allow for throwing. Coach demonstrates the scarecrow throwing technique. Players first try without a ball and the coach provides feedback to individuals.

o   Players are then given balls and try throwing the ball to a target without a stick. 3-4x. Collect balls and repeat, but this time them throw balls into a goal/target using their stick

o   REPEAT 3-4’sx.

·         9:40 – Hungry Hippos (3-4 balls per child, cones to mark center spot, 2 goals)

o   Players are divided up into two teams, with each team being placed on one half of the field. The coach scatters an equal number of balls around each side of the field. On the whistle, the players are to scoop balls from the opposite side of the field, run back to the goal on their side and throw the ball in. Players must chase any throws that miss the goal. Go until all balls are cleared on both sides of the field.

o   Play this game 2x’s

·         9:45- WRAP UP - TALL KNEE.  3 Great Things We Learned. 


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Welcome 2021 Mini Laxers!
by posted 04/05/2021

Hello RLA Mini Laxer Families!

My name is Matt Coyle and this season, I am so lucky to again to be the Head Coach for the Mini Laxers.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am in my 8th year as President of the Robbinsville Lacrosse Association (RLA), and 10th year as a coach with the RLA.

Our first practice is scheduled for Sunday April 11th, 11:15 am at Blakely Park, Field #3.

Mini Laxers will receive a Mini Laxer T-Shirt, a WARP Mini Lacrosse Stick, and a tennis ball.  We ask any returning Mini Laxers to use their sticks, balls and T-shirts (Uniforms) from last year so we can reduce, reuse, recycle.


My fellow Mini Laxer Coaches this season will be Jay Jakubowski (Parent) and RLA Alumni Kennedy Odemheimer (RHS Junior), Alyssa Feith (RHS Junior), Cameron Coyle (RHS Senior), and Brendan Coyle (RHS Freshman).  We will also have other RHS players assisting throughout the season.

The fantastic thing about the above coaches is that not only do they play lacrosse for Robbinsville High School, they are also RLA Alumni.

Coaching alongside them is one of the highlights of my coaching career as I can remember all of them playing lacrosse when they were not much older than your children, and now they have grown into tremendous young women and men and echo the teachings we stress here at the RLA.  They are great young women and men and great coaches!

We will have other current RLA players and RLA alumni help throughout the season in addition to our above coaches.  This is a testament to the great kids we have in our program, (and the great families as well!).

And who knows… in what will seem like blink of the eye, your kids may be helping a future generation of mini laxers some day as well!

Most of our communications will be conducted via our Mini Laxer Team Page - https://www.leagueathletics.com/Bulletins.asp?MyTeam=940407&org=robbinsvillelax.com, or via email.

There you can see an updated calendar of events for our team and can also link the team’s schedule to the online calendar of your choice.


To ensure we are compliant with our RLA Covid Protocols, we will utilize Team Snap to keep track of our player's attendance at our practices and events.  Prior to each practice/event, a parent or guardian will need to complete the RLA Health Waiver to ensure the player does not have any signs of Covid, nor have they been exposed to someone who has Covid.

We ask that players come to the field and have a mask with them for times when they are not able to socially distance themselves.

We will work to keep them in smaller groups and spread out as much as possible to limit prolonged close interactions.


The focus of this season will be to help the kids get excited about the game of lacrosse.  We want them to have fun while picking up some basic lacrosse and teamwork skills.

It is our hope that after this season, the boys and girls will not only have enjoyed their time, but look forward to coming back (and bringing a friend or four) next year.

Never quit… never stop… LET’S GO RAVENS!

Coach Matt Coyle

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